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Upcoming Expert Perspective on Disability and Sexuality

This blog is intended to be a collaborative effort and to that end the next post will be a follow up about issues at the intersection of disability and sexuality. The post will be written by Bethany Stevens, JD, MA.

The idea behind the creation of the blog is that some of the content will¬† be reflections offered by Plato’s Sister and from time to time those posts will be supplemented by the writing of experts who will offer siblings resources to navigate the too oftern uncharted waters of adult relationships with siblings with disabilities.

If you are curious to know more about Ms. Stevens you can check out her bio on the web site of the Center for Leadership in Disability.Ms. Stevens is the 2011  recipient of the Irving Zola Award for Emerging Scholarship from the Society for Disability Studies.

We are excited to share Bethany’s reflections in this space and also excited to join the conversation her writing will generate.


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